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Global Coworking Movement finally arrives in Lagos!

July 12, 2017

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5 Reasons Why You Should Move Into A Coworking Space Today

July 16, 2017


They've been called "the office of the future." But in the present, freelancers and small businesses around the world are choosing to set up their operations in coworking facilities instead of conventional office buildings. And Nigerian businesses are not far behind those forward-thinking foreign organisations, with more coworking spaces springing up across the country.


The digital economy is enabling new opportunities and lending itself to different forms of ‘work’ possibilities for everyone, from SMEs and Large Corporates to entrepreneurs and freelancers.  Whatever category you fit into, here are five reasons you really should consider running your business from a coworking space.


1.       Cost Savings and Flexibility: Being a startup or freelancer is not usually a profitable venture at the beginning. While money must be spent on critical elements like marketing and securing top talent, you want to keep operational costs to the barest minimum.  Coworking spaces provide you with an affordable option for a fully-serviced office, with extra bells and whistles, without the capital investment and with the flexibility to scale up or down based on your business needs.


2.       Greater Networking Opportunities:  In coworking, the power is in the diversity of the community.  Imagine a mix of big and small companies, a wide range of skills from techies to creatives, and a diverse mix of industries.  Businesses entering a coworking environment are immediately provided with a ‘ready made’ network from which good partnerships and collaborations can be developed.


3.       Higher Productivity and Motivation: Vibrant and friendly, most Coworking spaces are bursting with energy and a sense of focused motivation.  Deskmag in their global survey said 85% of subjects who started using a coworking space felt more motivated. With motivation comes increased determination to do more and with that comes increased productivity.


4.       Business Support:  Apart from funding, the need for mentorship and a support network is the most cited request by Entrepreneurs and SMEs in Nigeria.  Coworking spaces squarely address this need by actively hosting sessions and programs to build up members in the community, exchange experiences and expertise, and help businesses grow.  This is in addition to the support that comes through informal networking and engaging with diverse members of the community.


5.       Prestige: Simply put – coworking spaces allow you to put a highbrow address on your business card and work in an area you otherwise could not have afforded. 


These are just a few of the many benefits coworking spaces have to offer.  To really understand the impact of the industry, learn more about the opportunities, and fully grasp the potential, register to attend Nigeria’s first Coworking Conference on 27th July 2017 on www.coworkingng.co  For the sake of your business, you literally can’t afford to miss it!

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