THEME: Coworking – Unveiling the Sharing Economy

July 18, 2019

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About Coworking Conference

Coworking is redefining the future of work.

Globally, over 1 million people work in coworking spaces and the numbers keep growing.  In Africa, over 250 coworking spaces have sprung up in the last 3 years and Nigeria has not been left out. 

Last year at the Conference, His Excellency, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria headlined the event touching on our individual roles in spurring innovation that will disrupt our collective lives and experiences, and how Coworking and co-creation will define the way we work, our progress and output as a Nation.

This July, the third edition of Coworking Conference will hold with the theme "Coworking – Unveiling the Sharing Economy".

Beyond co-location, which coworking spaces offer, many have missed the silent revolution which coworking models - the sharing economy. Coworking is giving rise to social interactions and knowledge sharing which is providing more than a mere sharing of space but of entrepreneurship and incubation.


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CWC Masterclass

Learn to build a collaborative community and turn your coworking space into an ideas laboratory.
With competition heating up in the coworking Industry, there’s a need for operators to build agile networks of connections and partnerships to stand out and save on costs at the same time.
Coworking Conference Masterclass will show you how to find the right location, for the right terms, and create the right conditions for a thriving and innovative space. You'll learn how to create a brand that stands and attract your prospective community and provide the services they'll want.



Showcase your products/services to potential investors, ecosystem enablers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, designers, architects, coworking enthusiast, hardware/software professionals, lawyers, business developers, policy makers, HR professionals and other key disruptive players across Nigeria at Coworking Conference 2018.


The collaboration between coworking spaces and organizations is taking place in different formats - from partnering in driving accelerators and incubating fintechs to foster innovation; to using coworking spaces as digital showrooms, extension of multinational offices, etc., no doubt organizations that want maximum exposure to Industry leaders and the ecosystem will benefit from this partnership.

become a vendor

Do you have a creative food menu? Book to be a vendor at Coworking Conference 2019.

Coworking Innovation Award

The Coworking Innovation Award is more than just a title or plaque given to Companies. It’s the Ultimate award that decisively showcases a brand which has been most impactful, assessing them in their entirety and reach.
The Innovation Award recognise and celebrate the very best in innovations and impact.


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